Airbnb to provide temporary shelter to 20,000 Afghan refugees

Providing its users with the opportunity to rent a house for a short time Airbnbmade an interesting statement regarding the Afghan refugee crisis, which has been on the agenda of the world for a while.

airbnb, 20,000 Afghan refugees announced that they have started a new project to provide temporary shelter. To carry out the project that will provide shelter for refugees in their homes, the company Airbnb, CEO Brian Chesky and of the platform their donations will use.

Chesky used the following statements about the project: “I hope this move will inspire other businesses and initiatives as well. We will pay for these accommodation, but without our hospitable hosts, we would not be able to implement this project.”

Stating that what happened is a very important humanitarian crisis, Airbnb continued its statements as follows: “Refugees currently entering the United States have settled in homes in Sacramento, Northern Virginia, Cleveland, Dallas, Washington, and New Jersey. What happened last week shows that there is a very important humanitarian crisis. In light of these developments, our society is ready to help again.”