Goodbye! Xiaomi pulled the plug on the ‘Mi’ brand…

Xiaomi shows up not only with its smartphones, but also in many different areas from smart home products to headphones. The ‘Mi’ brand, which Xiaomi uses for many products, has come to an end.

A Xiaomi spokesperson said in a statement to XDA Developers that they are preparing to say goodbye to the ‘Mi’ brand. According to the spokesperson, Xiaomi will no longer use the Mi brand. The new products that the company will launch will not have Mi suffixes. The products will be launched directly, with the Xiaomi brand name and model name. For example, the new flagship, which is expected to be launched as Mi 11T, will be announced directly as Xiaomi 11T.

Change begins with MIX 4

According to the information obtained by XDA Developers, MIX 4 will be the product that initiates the change. The company will later remove the Mi brand from all its ecosystem products, especially smartphones. However, in the statements made by the Xiaomi spokesperson, no explanation was given about how the process would work. So it is not clear whether all products will give up on Mi at once or whether this will be a medium-long-term process.

Xiaomi, which launched its first Mi-branded smartphone 10 years ago, introduced the Android-based interface MIUI shortly before this product. The Chinese technology giant has used the Mi brand in many of its products for 10 years.