Instagram is removing the ‘swipe up’ feature! What will replace it?

Stories on Instagram that we see frequently in the section and used to reach links ‘scroll up’ feature is removed. A customizable sticker will be used instead.

The ‘swipe up’ feature in Instagram Stories, which is very useful for content producers and allows users to quickly navigate to links, is being removed. The platform announced that the ‘scroll up’ feature will be removed in the warning it showed to its users. A clickable sticker will be introduced instead of the feature, which will be out of use as of August 30.

“Scroll links will soon be stickers. From August 30, scrolling links will be removed. Use the new link sticker to add a link to your story.”

More options and conveniences planned

With the new change, users will now tap the sticker in the story when they want to go to a link, instead of swiping their finger up. With the departure of this feature, which has been in use for a long time, many users will undoubtedly have to get used to it for a while. As the reason for this radical change, Instagram included the statements of ‘making the story creation experience easier’ and offering ‘more creative options’. The sticker, which will include links in the stories, can be customized by the people who posted the story.

This feature, which has been tested in various beta users since June, will be available to all users on August 30. The former product manager of Instagram told The Verge that the change more suited the way people use the platform. With the new change, users will now be able to reply to linked stories. Because in the current situation, when the linked stories are lifted up, there is no interaction since only the link can be accessed.