Shortening due to global warming! Measurements are scary…

The troubles caused by climate change cause the world to come closer to extinction with each passing day. Due to global warming, we are faced with a different problem every day. And lastly, Sweden’s the highest mountain of Kanekaise appeared to shorten due to global warming.

It turned out that Mount Kabnekaise, Sweden’s highest peak, is affected by global warming. Researchers point to their work on this mountain as evidence of the impact of climate change on the mountains. 2018Famous for being Sweden’s highest point up to South peak of Kebnekaise In recent years, it has experienced significant shortening due to global warming.

The glacier-covered southern summit of the mountain, called Sydtoppen, rose 2,120 meters in 1968 when it was first measured. Measured again in 1996, the summit was 2,118 meters, in 1998 it was 2,100 meters, and in 2011, it was below 2,100 meters and decreased to 2,099.7 meters.

In 2018, the southern summit lost its title as the highest point in the country to the northern summit of Kebnekaise due to shortening.

fell to 2,094 meters

The height of the peak was also found in new measurements by researchers at Stockholm University. It drops to 2,094 meters. determined. Regarding the studies of Per Holmund, one of the researchers, “The changes in altitude are a good symbol of the glaciers’ response to the warming climate in Sweden.” used the phrases.

Experts emphasize that the decline experienced at the summit will continue and the glaciers in Sweden are in danger.