The final days of the popular Discord music bot Groovy! Closing down…

owned by Google YouTube on Discord It starts to block the music bots used one by one. Search giant Google has launched a popular platform that allows Discord users to play music from YouTube videos and has been uploaded to over 16 million Discord servers. Groovy Bootssent a warning to the owners about the shutdown. Popular Discord bot as a result of Google’s warning, which wants the Groovy service to end in 7 days Groovy is shutting down on August 30.

A YouTube spokesperson told The Verge: “We have reported violations of our Terms of Service to Groovy, including modifying the Service and using it for commercial purposes” said.

The owner of Groovy Bot also explained

The owner of Groovy Bot, Nik Ammerlaan, announced that the bot will be shutting down and said:

“Groovy has been a big part of my life over the past five years. My friend’s bot was terrible and I made it because I thought I could do better. said

Ammerlaan in an interview with The Verge “I’m not sure why they want to shut down the bot now. To be honest, they don’t even know that themselves.” said. Ammerlaan says Groovy Bot has had a “big load” on his shoulders over the past five years, and he expects such a situation.

While Groovy Bot supports Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud and other services, “98 percent of the tracks played on Groovy came from YouTube” admits Ammerlaan. Google’s move to force the shutdown of Groovy Bot could mean we’ll now see similar action against other Discord bot owners.

Rythm, Discord’s most popular music bot, still stands strong… for now. “We do not plan to shut it down at this time,” Jet, a Rythm bot co-owner, said in a message to his user community. Installed on nearly 20 million Discord servers, Rythm says it has over 560 million users as a result.

“We take the rights of others seriously, and we want developers who create bots for Discord to do the same,” a Discord spokesperson told The Verge. “If a bot running on Discord infringes on someone else’s rights, that third party or Discord can take action.” said.